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Pon your Tone Part 02

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DJ Workshop in Indonesia

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Deaf Rave Pon Your Tone Part 01

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Founder Troi "DJ Chinaman" Lee began with a vision to give Deaf, Hearing and Disabled Artists and performers a platform to display their love for music.

Deaf Rave provides entertainment with music, sign song and visual performances to an all-inclusive audience, globally and across the UK.

Our aim is to unite everyone through the love and passion for music. Promoting our unique Deaf/ Disabled identity and teaching everyone about Deaf Culture. 

But most of all, we want to bring music to the masses!

about us


We provide a platform for Deaf Artists and Performers to show their love for Music and the Arts. 

Accessing doors previously closed.

Our services include :

• Organized events and festivals 

• Sound System hire

• DJ hire 

• Event workshops 

• DJ workshops using Subpac 

• Basic Sign Language/Deaf Awareness workshop 

• Lectures/ Speeches on Deaf Rave etc

• Consultation 

Our Services are accessible to all. 

"Deaf Rave is the marriage between devastating dance jams and a buzzing community atmosphere." (2017)

"Deaf Rave carve words in the air with a fluency that you'll appreciate."

Alice Saville - Timeout

"After my first time at Deaf Rave (Deaf Rave 2019) I could not wait to go again.
Little did I know that Deaf Rave can literally save lives."

Edmund West - British Deaf News


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