Online Deaf Rave

The World's first Online Deaf Rave

Deaf Rave Festival 2020 Unlocked, Live and Online

It's finally here...

Artists and Performers from across the globe, all coming together for this AMAZING event.

Be prepared to be blown away with our fantastic line up.

All funded by the Arts Council Emergency Response Fund.

Acts include our much loved Artists like John Smith, MC Geezer and Sign kid.

Saturday 26th September 2020

Online Live Streaming

Launch time

12pm - UK

6pm - Asia

7am - America/South America

Performers from across the globe

MC Geezer - Sign Language Rapper - UK
SignKid - Sign Language Rapper - UK
Colin Thomson - Sign Song Artist - UK
Rebecca Anne-Withey - Sign Song Artist - UK
Jade Potter - Sign Song Artist - UK
Jay Llewellyn - Sign Song Artist - UK
Rock Salvatore - Sign Song Artist - UK
Deaf Culture Kingz - Sign Language Rapper - UK

WAWA- Sign Song Artist - USA
Deafinitely Dope- Sign Language Rapper - USA
Beautiful the Artist - Sign Song Artist - USA
Dess Gatta - Sign Language Rapper - South Africa
Buuloxgy -Sign Song Artist - Uganda


Globalizm -Street Dancer - Japan
BBoy Leo - Break Dancer - India
BBoy Somu - Break Dancer - Boliva
Shytnik- Break Dancer - Russia
Le Tuan - Break Dancer - Vietnam
PAH! Deaf Dance Company - Jamaica


John Smith - Comedian - UK
Danny Skits Video - Comedian - UK
Andrey Dragunov - Finger Breaker - Russia
Alex the Magican - Magician - UK
Deaf Juggler - Juggler - France
VV Sam - Visual Vernacular - USA
Renata Rezende - Visual Vernacular - Brazil
Zhu Junxiang - Mime and Dancer - China 
PopJ oy Sign - Collective of VV, Mime, Dance, Theatre - Indonesia
Fantasi Tuli - Dance & Performing Arts - Indonesia
Hula Bella - Hoola Looper & Fire Dancer - USA


DJ Jeffo - DJ - UK
DJ Deaf Tunez - USA
DJ Dragon Hoang - Slovakia 

Do not miss this Festival

Be ready!! This is the big one!!!

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