Pon your Tone Part 02

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Partying alongside us and Pon Your Tone was Dipha Barus. Indonesia's No. 1 DJ and a real favourite for us and his fans.

Dipha inspired and helped create our unique song, titled ' We are one ' also featuring Matter Mos. (rapper)
The main inspiration for the song came when we were at the Paralympics Games in Asia.
The Indonesian President said at the ceremony " we are one".
That moment came back to me in Jakarta, Indonesia and I knew the time was now!

We made so many magical moments on this trip. We formed amazing new
friendships and did a lot of networking with our collaborators PYT.
Big thanks to the British council, Airbnb and the local district. We felt very welcomed and loved.
It will stay in our hearts forever.

With myself DJing and MC Geezer, we performed our new track. Deaf people from Indonesia and as far Bali came and were blown away with our tune!
This party brought flashbacks of our first rave, making me a little emotional!
Our motto was ' Barriers are made to be broken ' and we killed it!!
An experience we will never forget!