House is A Feeling

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November 24, 2021


Deaf Explorer invites you to visit Coventry for the event on  24 November 2021 at 5pm - 8 pm.  Troi Lee presents the visual history of Deaf Rave followed by a conversation with Artist Adi Dowling’s about why he made House is a Feeling and transformed a shop floor into 3 rooms about racism in the eighties, and the arrival of house music, and ecstasy in Coventry and how it changed the city.

Rinkoo Barpaga will be your BSL tour guide of the space that uses film, lighting and dry ice to recreate and comment on rave culture.

We welcome Sign-language users, non-sign language users, people with  hearing loss or use adaptations/technology.

Troi Lee founder of Dave Rave will tell his story about Deaf rave and twenties years of partying and bring people together to tell their stories of raves.

The take over of the shop floor in Coventry  called “House is a Feeling”  at Coventry City of Culture in November 2021.

The project is by a Neurodiverse artist, Adi Dowling who presents Rave's story in many different ways, for example, the political situation when Rave first happened, mass dancing in a field or warehouse, and drugs.

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