Deaf Rave Reunion Party photos

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August 30, 2021

Colours Hoxton

Deaf Rave Reunion Party was totally fantastic! It was absolutely fabulous to see the Deaf community united up together as one. Deaf people coming from all over the UK and Scotland.

It was an incredible moment for DJ Chinaman - promoter of the Deaf Rave events. We were constantly working hard leading up to the event as we didn't know whether if the UK government would cancel the event or we hope our luck it would go ahead. Thankfully the event past without a hitch and the Deaf Rave collective put the hard efforts to put on a memorable night for the people who came.

Amazing showcase by some wonderful new Deaf talents in sign songs and dance. Another groundbreaking moment was Deaf Rave officially create the first Deaf VJ (Visual Jockey). DJ Chinaman personally stated that it been almost 19 years to find one. Nothing impossible, patience is the key. The wheel of life does proves it working for me (smile).

Thank you for everyone who came down to the event, we thoroughly enjoyed and we know you did too (wink).

Credsits to photographer Becky Bailey