Deaf Rave Pon Your Tone Part 01

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A huge groundbreaking moment for Deaf Rave. Our first time ever to be showcasing in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Held in conjunction with DadaFest (Liverpool)
and the British Council Indonesia, we arrived in Asia for the festival Bebas Batas.
Residing for 3 weeks in Jakarta, we were overwhelmed by the hospitality and humble ness of the people there.
It was out of this world!

Pon Your Tone (PYT) is Indonesia's top electronic dance collective. The unique collection includes DJ's, MC's, Rappers,VJ's and Music Producers.
Our main goal was to collaborate with PYT to create a track, which would be produced by the Indonesian maestro Dipha Barus.
Top Producer and one of the coolest guys we've ever met. Our song was titled ' We are one '.
We showcased our track at Ruci Joint. Absolutely smashing it, Deaf Rave became Asia's first ever Deaf Rave night!

With feelings of our first ever rave back in 2003, we left Jakarta with a lot of unforgettable memories!