Thu 30 April - DJ Chinaman visit Vietnam, Hanoi

DJ Chinaman goes back to his Roots...Vietnam! I went to North of Vietnam to Hanoi for Holiday, teeting deaf people and searching for my long lost family!! 1 Love to all the Vietnam people i had come across. Thank you, I had a fantastic experience and your company was top class. All Blessful! Thank you and grown STRONG. LONG LIVE VIETNAM


Lewisham People's Day Festival

What a fantastic performance from the Deaf Rave Crew! MC Geezer, Sign Kid, DJ Inigo, DJ Ceri and DJ Chinaman had a fabulous time!

Deaf Rave Music Production Workshop

Deaf Rave has now completed 2 set of groups - music production workshop, run by Midi Music Company

Deaf Rave @ Sen City Leeds 2012

Deaf Rave played at Sen City Leeds, UK on 2nd November 2012. Great party and show!

BT London Live Trafalgar Square

Deaf Rave was honored to be invited to BT London Live Trafalgar Square "London Calling" during the London Olympic Games 2012. Well done to Natalia and MC Geezer gracing on the stage and interpreting sign songs for Lokkhi Terra and Jackson Scott & Jardares Por Fuera.

Deaf Rave visit Xa Dan Deaf School-Hanoi

Deaf Rave went to visit Xa Dan deaf school in Hanoi. We contributed/donated money towards the school. Also gave hearing aid batteries etc. A great visit and a pleasure to meet the school children from age 3 - 18.

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