Thu 30 April - DJ Chinaman visit Vietnam, Hanoi

DJ Chinaman goes back to his Roots...Vietnam! I went to North of Vietnam to Hanoi for Holiday, teeting deaf people and searching for my long lost family!! 1 Love to all the Vietnam people i had come across. Thank you, I had a fantastic experience and your company was top class. All Blessful! Thank you and grown STRONG. LONG LIVE VIETNAM


Deaf Rave Summer Festival

Deaf Rave Summer Festival at All Points East in Victoria Park. This is the first in history we have create an outdoor event for our Deaf community for London.

Deaf Rave at Bush Theatre

Boomtown Fair / Festival 2019

Deaf Rave was working and performed at Boomtown Fair. The was my ultimate festival dream. We cannot we did and it was the most amazing we ever had on our Deaf Rave Tour.

Latitude Festival 2019

Deaf Rave was very honoured to perform in front of 60 d/Deaf Festival goers. Thanks for Performance Interpreting for making this happen! We Love You people!

Deaf Rave on Tour @ Glastonbury Festival

It was an honour to work for Contiental Drifts for work experience in Productions. This was one of the most memorable experience in work wise. It was invaluable moment for me, in order to gain knowledge of Festivals set ups.

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