Deaf Rave at Battlesea Art Centre - MAR 06

Deaf Rave is hosting a showcase at the Battlesea Art Centre for the Homegrown Festival on the 3rd April 2020

Deaf Rave in NDCS video advert - FEB 10

NDCS - National Deaf Children Society has produce a video called "Deaf Works Everywhere". I was one of the chosen people for my inspirations to show Deaf people that we can do it and be a role for our communities.

Waltham Forest Borough of Culture 2019 - NOV 25

Deaf Rave did a showcase on the Saturday 23rd November 2019. We hosted toward for the people of the London borough of Waltham Forest.

Eufonia Festival in Berlin, Germany - NOV 02

Deaf Rave was honoured to be invited to do a presentation and DJ slot for Eufonia Festival in Berlin, Germany.

Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture - NOV 23

Deaf Rave will also be hosting a number of workshops on Saturday 23 November 2019 in Walthamstow. Free to anybody who wishes to come.

A Sonic Pulse: The deaf experience - SEP 10

A Sonic Pulse: The deaf experience of electronic music. A music short documentary that entered into the Open City Documentary festival

Deaf Rave Video Doc in Indonesia - SEP 02

We did a collaboration with Dada Fest and British Council. We team up with electronic dance collective Pon Your Tone and Dipha Barus.

Deaf Rave Summer Festival photos - MAY 28

Deaf Rave Summer Festival at All Points East in London Victoria Park - Thanks to the Art Council of England for awarding us the grant in order to make this Festival successful. This is the first of many! Well done to the organisers and volunteers to make the event a memorable one!

Deaf Rave New Eve Party - AUG 21

Deaf Rave is offering the first 15 tickets at the price of £15 each. Once sold out, all advance tickets cost £20 or more on the door!

DJ Chinaman in Glastonbury Festival - JUN 26

Im so delighted that I will be at Glastonbury Festival 2019. Working as production crew for Contiental Drifts. It an honour to be chosen.

Deaf Rave @ Royal Greenwich Get Together - JUN 16

Deaf Rave is performing on the Saturday 29th June 2019 main stage at 2:40pm

Deaf Rave at Latitude Festival 2019 - JUN 16

Deaf Rave is performing at Town Hall stage on Friday 19th July 2019

Deaf Rave in British Deaf News - MAY 28

Fantastic article written by Edmund West for the British Deaf News.

Deaf Rave on ITV News - MAY 27

Deaf Rave made headlines in the national news on ITV! Fabulous and a great achievement from Team Deaf Rave and Kevin Walker aka SignKid.

Deaf Rave presents Summer Festival - MAY 27

Full information on All Points East Festival website

Deaf Rave presents Summer Festival - MAY 27

Deaf Rave is proud to announce a unique special event specially aimed for d/Deaf, Disabled and Hearing children during the school holidays in London Victoria Park!

Deaf Rave on Road - Tour - APR 05

Deaf Rave on Road - Tour Dates

Deaf Rave 15 Years Party Trailer - MAR 28

Deaf Rave on Tour to Newcastle - MAR 28

Great days coming ahead...Deaf Rave on Tour to Newcastle.

Deaf British News - MAR 11

Thanks to Edmund West for writing up this article.

Deaf Rave in Biba Magazine (France) - OCT 27

Saturday 27th October 2018 - Deaf Rave is in Biba Magazine - Lifestyle - French Language

Deaf Rave in the Evening Standard News - JAN 01

Deaf Rave is in the Evening Standard News Friday 26th October 2018

Deaf Rave in Metro News online - OCT 24

Facebook Deaf Rave - OCT 06

Facebook's Deaf Rave documentary!

Deaf Rave in The Guardian Newspaper - MAY 16

Thanks to the journalist Ammar Kalia for writing this up! Also big thumbs up to Rajvi Vaya Media for the photos!

Buy Deaf Rave Tickets - APR 25

Deaf Rave party tickets is now selling by the Deaf Rave Team now....

Deaf Rave 15 Years Anniversary Party - APR 09

Deaf Rave is making a massive announcement of our next biggest event of year. Deaf Rave 15 Years Anniversary Party taken place in September 2018 in London.

Deaf Rave in Music video!!!! - SEP 12

Deaf Rave crew and others were in a OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO......Band called Childhood - Don't Have Me Back

Deaf Rave Presents Deaf Disco 1980s - SEP 12

The event was a total SELL OUT and SUCCESS!!

Deaf Rave Disco advert - JUL 13

Deaf Rave presents Deaf Disco 1980s Advert/promo

Deaf Rave Presents Deaf Disco 1980s - SEP 09

To buy Deaf Rave Presents Deaf Disco 1980s TICKETS online

Signkid new video song - JAN 23

Deaf Rave crew member Signkid's new song "Who going to stop the festival?"

Deaf Rave Summer News 2016 - JUN 18

Deaf Rave has many great news to share with you. We are excited to play at various gigs and festivals during this summer 2016!

Deaf Rave in BBC News - JAN 08

The deaf rappers taking on the music industry

Deaf Rave Music Production - AUG 01

Deaf Rave Music Workshop 2015 - JAN 13

Free 10 weeks music workshop for Deaf people only. BSL Interpreters provided

Where can you buy Deaf Rave Tickets? - SEP 02

Deaf Rave tickets will sold at different events until the 19th September 2014


You now can buy Deaf Rave Summer Jam Party tickets

Poet in the City - SEP 07

Level 5 Function Room, Green Side, Royal Festival Hall The Southbank Centre 2pm on Sunday 7th September 2014

MC Geezer - Deaf Rave short doc - JAN 01

MC Geezer short doc/sign rap video...Enjoy your summer folks!

Deaf Rave - Sound of Silence - JUL 22

Deaf Rave Music Production documentary - 2014. Thanks to The Midi Music Company and also film maker Vaida Varnagirytė.


Deaf Rave Music Production. Producing our first music CD, thanks to The Midi Music Company.

Deaf Rave playing at Liberty Festival - JUL 21

FREE EVENT @ OLYMPIC PARK, LONDON - 1pm-5pm on 30th August 2014

Deaf Rave latest news! - MAR 27

Deaf Rave is playing for the Frontrunners 9 and BDA event on the 3rd May 2014

Deaf Rave @ Dada Fest in Liverpool - SEP 10

Photos taken by Amanda on behalf of Dada Fest.

DJ Chinaman @ Greenwich+ Dockland Fest - SEP 05

DJ Chinaman is playing in the DJ area at the Greenwich+Dockland Festival on 7th September @ Olympic Park. 3.30pm-4.30pm Cool!

Dada Fest - Deaf Rave Advert - AUG 15

1 more week to go!

Volunteering at a Music Festival - MAY 20

Volunteering Jobs at Hyde Park Barclaycard British Summer Time Festivals (BBST)

Deaf Rave - Notting Hill Carnival 2013? - MAY 01

Drumming workshop, costume, performance and parade workshops for Notting Hill Carnival 2013

Deaf Rave Music Production Workshop - APR 10

A truly wonderful inspiration from Aayasta Gurung (Deaf) participating Deaf Rave Music Production Workshop

Bloch Healing Touch Psychotherapy - JAN 25

Bloch Healing is a unique form of relational healing that is a gentle yet powerful way to improve psychological and physical health for deaf people.

Deaf Rave Music Production workshop - JAN 02

Happy New Year to you all. Deaf Rave FREE Music Workshop is now back in action on the 17th January 2013.

Deaf Rave in Metro Papers - SEP 02

Fair Care for the Future - Sense - JUL 11

We asked deafblind people about their experience of social care. Nearly one in five deafblind people received no social care support, and more than half felt they needed more support than they were getting.

Hotel Metropolitan Kantipur - JUN 19

Fantastic deaf owned Hotel in Kathmandu in Nepal

Deaf Rave Music Production workshop - JUN 14

Deaf Rave Music Production workshop, Free course) we are inviting all deaf people who wants to learn how to make music beats.

Deaf Rave Asian Tour 2012 FB links - JUN 06

Deaf Rave went on a to Asia in 2012. Here are the facebook links to see better image than on here!

male deaf actor wanted - Hollyoaks - FEB 07

My name's Rick Laxton and I'm the Casting Director of Hollyoaks. We're currently looking for a 16 year old deaf male actor

Deaf Rave Xmas Bash - DEC 10

Social gathering and fund raising event for the deaf community.

How to get DR Xmas Bash party - DEC 10

Deaf Rave Xmas Bash Party: How to get to the party for tonight

Latest Flash News from Deaf Rave team - NOV 10

Venue now changed! More info inside!

Deaf Rave in the Independent Newspaper - AUG 30

DJ Chinaman - Deaf Rave and Sen City in the Indpendent Newspaper.

Deaf Rave in India Newspaper Aug 2011 - AUG 30

Times of India newspaper

DJ Chinaman writes his name on the wall! - JUL 20

Session with a well known street Artist Andy Seize, teaching me how to do Graffiti. Just a simple piece. Gosh my name on da wall Shhhh is alright, it all Legal at the South Bank!! Bless Up Andy!!

Deaf Rave Hat Party Video - JUN 01

Thanks to Ben Newman and Chris from VICE Versus filming Deaf Rave documentary. Aimed all over the world and on the famous american website Bablegum. Subtitle version!!

Deaf Rave Hat Party Photos - MAY 01

Martin ScoreDaisy our fabulous Deaf photographer took fab photos! Please check it out!

Deaf Studies fighting to stay open!! - MAY 09

Deaf Studies in Bristol opposed to govenment budget cuts.

Deaf Rave raised £1000 for Vietnam - MAY 01

Deaf Rave raised £1000 from last week Saturday event. Thank you to all the supporters and to all the people who made it to the party.

Deaf Rave Hat Party - MAY 01

1st May Saturday 2010 9pm - 5am Deaf Rave Hat Party in London, UK!! Bank Holiday Weekend!! Don't forget to bring ya HAT!! Time to go Dapper! Deaf Pow!!

BDA Congress 2010 - APR 06

BDA Congress at Royal Bath Hotel in Bournmouth for 3 days 6th-10th April. UK Deaf Community...will be in action and don't miss the fun!

Deaf Schools Must Stay OPEN! - JAN 01

Everyone and every DEAF person PLEASE sign up for this cause! Please fill in the petition! DEAF SCHOOLS MUST SURVIVE IN THE UK!! It is our DEAFHOOD and DEAF CULTURE!! Please spread it widely :-)

Deaf Rave Hat Party - MAY 01

Deaf Rave having a Hat Party on Bank Holiday Weekend. 1st May 2010!!!!!!

Mentoring scheme Disabilities with BBC - JAN 15

The Inspired Ability mentoring scheme is a chance for young people interested in a career in the media to come to a careers day and find out more about the BBC. They will also have the chance to apply for a BBC mentor who will guide them for 12 weeks.

Deaf Zone @ Glastonbury Festival - JUN 24

We're pleased to announce the return of the DeafZone tent. It will be situated next to the Information Tent by William's Green.

Deaf Rave Interview with Wellcome Trust - JUN 22

Interview with Troi 'DJ Chinaman' Lee see Video & Transcript, sorry no sub titles :S

DJ Chinaman @ Vietnam & Far East! - MAY 29

Travelling and meeting new deaf people in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia & Thailand. Fresh news coming up soon!

Grateful Deaf American Pale Ale - MAY 24

Ken Fisher returns back to UK from the USA. Come and Try out this wonderful tastiest Beer brewed by a deaf american man all the way from Oregon.

Chinaman Radio Interview on 92.4 FM - APR 16

Chinaman of Deaf Rave Radio Interview on 92.4 FM

Deaf Travel - APR 10

Any deaf people want to visit Egypt. Spanish Deaf Guy name Ariel from Madrid. Contact number is +34 627150271 and email is

Thank You to Everyone! - MAR 31

Photos down below!!!

Deaf Rave Rush Hour & After Party - MAR 28

Deaf Rave Show @ "Rush Hour" party ... DEA F CULTURE IS BACK! Also AFTER PARTY lined up in Tottenham @ The Edge Snooker Club in Tottenham.

Deaf Rave updates Feb-April 09 - MAR 28

Deaf Rave will have update news coming out soon. Team Klyo (France)

Open Sign - Tyst Teater - Sweden - OCT 18

DJ Chinaman on tour to 3 different places...Orebro, Hanosand & Malmo. See video ...

tEaM kLyO eXtReM™ iS NoT CrImE - JAN 01

[STAND STRONG AGAIN DEAF] A non-profit organization dedicated to helping deafreestyleriders with spinal cord injuries We want new youth deafreestyleriders to be more involved internationally We believe that everyone that participates in action sports deserves to have a foundation In 2005, TeAmkLyO was created to give human enthusiasts that not only to its original philosophy

R.I.P to Deaf Rastaman Pierre - SEP 09

Goodbye to our good friend who sadly died in a house fire in Toulouse, south of

D/R in the UK & Italian Newspaper - JUN 15

Deaf Rave making headlines in Italy & UK...The Independent News & La Stampa 1 Love to Italy!

Deaf Rave on Current TV and You Tube - JUL 29

Deaf Rave is featured on Current TV, which will be broadcast in the UK & USA sometime from August 1st 2007. "Facing The Barrier" is a song with music written by T.B.C. and lyrics written by Chinaman & MC Geezer which will feature in the documentary. Love and Peace to all Deaf Rave fans who have supported us over the years, without you it would not have happened... Bless you all!

Drop Clause 14/4/9 of the HFE Bill - MAY 13

Deadline 13th July 2008!!!!! We need many people as possible to sign up for this campaign.

Deaf Rave in France - Lyon & Toulouse! - MAY 06

Deaf Rave flowing through South of France and checking out the deaf people out there! Do it the French Style, Wicked!!

Deaf Rave back on Tour! To HOLLAND! - FEB 16

See Video of the party by Mutesound - Den Haag, Holland

Rastafarideaf France Breakdancer - JAN 01

at Deaf Rave NYE eve party See VIDEO CLIP...Big Up to Rastafarideaf from Toulouse (France) & Respects to his KLYO crew

Happy NYE every1 & all the best in 08! - JAN 01

Happy New Year everybody! Many thanks for those people who came to the Deaf Rave NYE party. Great party, great show and great people. Big Thank you for your support and for those who travel from all over the world like USA, Belguim, Romania, Spain, South Africa, Entria, France and many more.

Frank Barns School Protest - NOV 30

Camden Borough & Government want to closed down our only BSL primary deaf school down in London.

Deaf Rave New Years Eve Party - OCT 24

Info about the party and what happening on the night program.

The Show of Chavi coming to London! - OCT 02

Video of Chavi in Spain WFD! Awesome comedian!

BSL Human Rights E-Petition - AUG 20

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Detail, in a form of a British Sign Language Bill, how all Deaf and hard of hearing people will have the legal right to learn, use and access British Sign Language as ratified in the UN Convention of Human Rights for People with Disabilities.

WFD in Madrid, Spain & photo's - JUL 07

Fantasico time! Great experience and a trip worth seeing, if you are interested in Deaf Culture, Sign Language, Developing Countries, Interpreting, Lectures, Theatre, Art, Deaf Pub, Gala, Cocktail, Networking...many more.

Deaf Rave Photo's in France - JUL 07

Deaf Rave team on tour...had a fantastic time. We met 1800 deaf people from all over the world to France Deaf Films, Art, Live performances and great parties!

Deaf Rave Tour - MAR 19

Deaf Rave going to France!!

Sign Matters part 1 - FEB 22

Deaf Rave featured in Sign Matters Magazine, Wicked!

Sign Matters part 2 - JAN 22

Deaf Rave featured in Sign Matters Magazine, Cool!

Sign Matters part 3 - JAN 22

Deaf Rave featured in Sign Matters Magazine, Heavy!