7 July 2007

WFD in Madrid, Spain & photo's

WFD my 1st time and I must say it was WICKED! Excellent time and great experience. You get a chance to meet deaf people worldwide! An event not to be missed in 4 years time!

It will be held in SOUTH AFRICA 2011!!!!!!!!!!

Don't miss! You meet all walks of life from Nepal, Indo, Lao, China, Korea, Japan, Macue, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Middle East countries, Senegal, Gambia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Belize, Surinam, all over south america! All over Europe ... Sweden, Norway, Czech, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Austria, Kosvo, Albania, Turkey, Greece, Malta, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Lativa, Russia, New Zealand, Austrailia and of course the Spanish/Espana!

It was total cool to meet everyone I met! I love you all and keep working hard in whatever you do. Keep it real and support each other in anyway.

1 love to you all Amigo & Amiga!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Troi "Chinaman" Lee -Deaf Rave

Here all the photos about WFD!!!!!!!! Enjoy!! Please feel free to contact me for any info, questions, or photo requests on high quality.


WFD Deaf Party in Chucea, Madrid
WFD Deaf Pub
WFD Paddy Ladd
WFD Opening & Closing ceremony
WFD Arts
WFD Theatre
WFD Congress

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