6 October 2018

Facebook Deaf Rave

Facebook's Deaf Rave documentary!


It has been a pleasure to work with Facebook!  I cannot this has happen and it is REAL!


Thanks for everybody who supported me over the years!  I cannot thank you enough!!


1 Love to you all!


Troi "DJ Chinaman" Lee - Founder of Deaf Rave


Facebook is celebrating some of the most inspirational young people and communities in the UK through a series of short films, called Beyond the Screen.


Troi Lee founded Deaf Rave in 2003, a series of music events and workshops in London designed specifically for deaf music fans. The event seeks to overcome the many challenges young deaf people face when listening to live music including the absence of signers, interpreters and induction loops.


The film follows Troi as he gears up to host a Deaf Rave and help young deaf people defy the mainstream and create their own music scene.


The full length series of shorts will be playing at select Everyman cinemas across the UK, until 7th November. Tickets are free and can be secured at Everyman (…).

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