1 August 2015

Deaf Rave Music Production

 Hello All,

Hope that you are all well.
Just a quick update on the Deaf Rave Music Production plans for a Summer Master Class project.
The Master Class programme is scheduled for Tuesday 11th August to Thursday 13th August 2015 4 – 8.30pm.
Tues 11th August 2015: 4 – 5.30pm Intro/Logic Pro X & 6 – 8.30pm Master Class: Mark Force [Bugz in the Attic]
Weds 12th August 2015: 4 – 5.30pm Intro/Ableton & 6 – 8.30pm Create with Ableton
Thur 13th August 20154 – 5.30pm Create with Logic Pro X & 6 – 8.30pm Master Class: DJ Ng [Reprezent Radio]
We would like you confirm your availability for this project 4 – 8.30pm each day
If you are interested, please email to

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