22 July 2014

Deaf Rave - Sound of Silence

The Midi Music Company, in association with Deaf Rave, has launched an exciting new ten week Music Production course for Deaf young people aged 18 to 40. Pioneered by the Midi Music Company, the Deaf Rave project was developed for 6 years and the two-year pilot was funded with help from the City Bridge Trust.


The team at Attitude is Everything introduced us to Deaf Rave and then discussions took off about the creative needs of Deaf people with Troi Lee. The Music Production course was created and with the help of funds from the Arts Council, the course took in its first students.


Ahmad, one of our Music Production and CICAS® Engineers, came up with the genius idea of using the new technology of the Wowee One speakers that allow users to feel the vibrations of the music through their bodies. Wozzy Brewster OBE and Executive Director, contacted Freeny in Marketing from Anywhere Speakers Ltd, and they provided the Wowee One speakers for the course.

The Midi Music Company also offers additional support, giving students access to studio space. Come along, join the fun, meet some new people and make a few tunes.


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