20 May 2013

Volunteering at a Music Festival

Hello All

For any of you who might fancy a spot of Central London volunteering action in Hyde Park Barclaycard British Summer Time Festivals (BBST) have asked us to let you know about their opportunity to volunteer on the Viewing Platform, information Hub and other locations at their festival.

If you’re interested please apply directly through their website the link is here


Here are a couple of things that might help you decide if you want to volunteer.

·         There will be 2 shifts a day, a day one and an evening one.

·         Shifts will not be longer than 7 hours maximum and might be shorter.

·         You may need to attend a training session before you start volunteering.

·         They are requesting you undertake 5 shifts over the period of the 5th to the 14th July

o   If you are not able to undertake 5 shifts due to access requirements please let them know in the access requirements section of the application form.

·         Registration closes on the 2nd June.

And that’s it, so if you fancy it get involved and we hope to see there.


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