1 May 2013

Deaf Rave - Notting Hill Carnival 2013?

Come on Deafies, lets do a Carnival style for Notting Hill Carnival 2013!!

Ola dear mates at Deaf Rave, after meeting Mc Geezer and Dj Chinaman I was more than excited with the possibility of having you guys taking part of our 3rd Parade at Notting Hill Carnival.

I am the Artistic Director of Gandaia Arts where our resident group, Maracatudo Mafua, has the Carnival as the summer grand finale!

We play a range of rhythms and this year we will play not only maracatu and other cool rhythms from Northeast of Brazil but also add some body percussion and , with your help, insert some phrases in sign language so people can join us in all different ways of expression!

Maracatu is a strong rhythm where its bass drums are the heart of the group, so this is the section we would allocate you guys! BOOM!

We are now applying to get the funding so we can cover most of the cost of this enterprise which in your case would mean:

          * 04 workshops/rehearsals between end of july and Carnival ( end of august)
          * free entry on our Pre Carnival event at Floripa on Thursday 22nd of Aug       
          * Costume use on the parade
          * T shirt to keep the memories alive!
          * PUblic liability insurance
          * Production costs
          * Refreshments during parade and on final rehearsal.

SO please fill the form to confirm your interest so we can have more chances to make this happen!


Much love and tu maraca!!

Mariana na na

Maracatudo Mafua
2013's Awards - Dance & Folk in UK by Brazilian International Press/Focus Brasil

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