11 July 2012

Fair Care for the Future - Sense

Fair care for the future report cover

The Sense report Fair Care for the Future shows why it is urgent that the Government improves social care funding urgently.

We asked deafblind people about their experience of social care. Nearly one in five deafblind people received no social care support, and more than half felt they needed more support than they were getting.

The impact of this is very clear. People are surviving without any support, or relying on friends and family for support to do basics like shopping and getting to the doctors. One deafblind person said: “I don’t get any social or leisure activity because without support I can’t get out of my flat.”

The Government’s failure to tackle the massive funding gap in social care is short-sighted. Unable to exercise, eat a healthy diet and take medication or get to the GP, deafblind people’s health suffers. Not only do many deafblind people continue to feel like prisoners in their own home, the impact on their health means that they will cost the NHS more in the long run.

Catherine Field's story features in the report

Now we hear nothing will be done about long-term funding for social care until 2014. This delay is unacceptable.

Please write to your MP asking him or her to read the Sense report and do everything they can to prioritise reform of social care and act now. Please add your own comments and make changes to the template letter so that it is personal from you. This will help your MP to understand the importance of the issue.

When you get a response from your MP or from Government, we’d love to hear about it. Please note that, as social care is a devolved issue, this action only applies to England, and not to Wales or Northern Ireland.