10 December 2012

Deaf Rave Xmas Bash

Happy Christmans and greetings to you all :)

I want to say to everyone, that was involved for the Deaf Rave Xmas Bash and BSL Xmas Carols service @ Church of the Annunciation tonight.


A massive Thanks again for your donations towards for Asian Deaf schools, organisations and projects for Vietnam, Cambodia, India Laos. Thailand and Nepal.


We managed to raise £800 at the party and another £408 from the BSL Xmas Carols service.  Thank you to all the church goers Deaf and Hearing.  I'm most grateful and appreicated your offerings.


Congratulations to the Deaf Rave team who worked hard throughout the event and leading up to it as well.  We without you guys...Deaf Rave wouldn't of happend.  Again thanks for your wonderful spirits and motivations to organise the wonderful event.  Everyone was amazing! :)


Lots of Buddha blessings and I wish you all a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year for 2012



DJ Chinaman - Deaf Rave

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