1 January 2008

Happy NYE every1 & all the best in 08!

Happy New Year everybody!


Many thanks for those people who came to the Deaf Rave NYE party.


Great party, great show and great people. Big Thank you for your support and for those who


travel from all over the world like USA, Belguim, Romania, Spain, South Africa, Entria, France and many more.


Also big respects to the Deaf Rave team like Dj's, ticket sellers, artists, performers, musicans and many more out there!


Thumbs ups to the Grateful Hands (London 1st deaf rock band) In the band formed by (Chinaman, MC Geezer, Oneness, Ted, Dj Diogo).


Have a Wicked 2008! Deaf POW!!


Love from


Chinaman & Deaf Rave Team



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