15 July 2008

Deaf Rave Agency

Deaf Rave DJ Hire

Deaf Rave is very proud to setup the 1st DJ booking Agency.

Bookings email to or SMS: 0773 4858075

We proudly have over 20 deaf DJ's all around the world like:

UK, France, Portugal, Italy, USA, Japan

If you setting up a party in Germany, Itally, France, Poland or Europe or anywhere ,,, we can send you the nearest Deaf Dj in your area. We support deaf DJ's who have not been given access to proper clubs due too many hearing dj's playing at deaf events.

Deaf Dj's should have the right to play!

"BREAK DOWN THE BARRIERS and let us play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

DJ Chinaman - London, UK


Deaf Rave VJ Hire

VJ - Visual Jockey.

Like DJ-ing but we use projectors and live cameras, and broadcast any contents you wish to show.

We are available for hire. Please email

Any questions or info please do ask.

We have proffesional deaf people who are now fantastic Vj's.

VJ Mr Tim doing what he know best! Beaming the images, photos, video clips on to the walls via projectors.


Visual entertainment and important for Deaf Culture as we bring out Deaf history!


Deaf Rave Dance Group/ Workshop

Deaf Rave is always welcome everybody and open the doors for dancers or who wants to learn dancing by our professional street dancer teachers (can sign full BSL).

Please email if you want to join in our dance classes.

Hope October 2008 we organise 6 sessions on saturdays.

Limtied places available and only commited people to train up!!

Once you improve your skills, then perform at Deaf Rave shows LIVE!!

Please spread the words to your friends who maybe interested.

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Event Listings

Deaf Rave New Eve Party

Deaf Rave is hosting a massive d/Deaf party in London and for Europe! Massive Deaf Djs and Sign Song performers line up. The venue in the clubland of Hoxton Colours in central London.

Deaf Rave at Bush Theatre

Bush Theatre has invited us to come over for Friday 16th August 2019 7pm - late for music!

Celtic Deaf Festival

Celtic Deaf Festival is hosting a 2 day camping event in West Wales. On the 30th & 31st August 2019

DJ Chinaman in Glastonbury Festival

Im so delighted that I will be at Glastonbury Festival 2019. Working as production crew for Contiental Drifts. It an honour to be chosen.

Deaf Rave @ Royal Greenwich Get Together

We are excited and happy to perform on the Saturday 29th June 2019 at the main stage at 2:40pm-3:10pm

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